Are you looking for DirectX 12 for PC? We are here with the complete steps that how you can download DirectX 12 for your windows 7/8/10 [Updated 2020].

Software Name:DirectX 12
Requirements:Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
Region:English [Worldwide]
Author / Product:Microsoft Corporation

About Microsoft DirectX 12

DirectX 12 is an application programming interface designed by Microsoft for Windows-based frameworks. The DirectX 12 is nothing but the latest version of Microsoft’s DirectX application that handles visuals and many other media stuff on Windows system.

Most Windows user would agree that a maximum number of high-end games and websites require for your system to have additional graphical ability software to ensure uninhibited visual experience. This is where Microsoft DirectX 12 download comes into the picture.

Essentially, Microsoft DirectX 12 comes together as a group of technologies that empower windows to become a habitable platform for running and displaying software and applications that require rich multimedia elements.

The lack of colours, graphics and 3D animation along with rich audio experience takes away from the true experience of playing a game or surfing the web. Many new features across all technologies can be accessed with the latest security and performance updates only by using the DirectX APIs.

Unfortunately, not all the versions of Windows support DirectX but ever since Microsoft Windows started furthering their ‘Windows for all’ agenda the DirectX 12 download has become accessible on Windows mobile phones, tablets, PCs and even Xbox if they’re all equipped with Windows 10. So, essentially if you have Windows 10, your system will show DirectX 12 download. 

Talking about the true usage of DirectX, the games and applications that use high-end video and audio cannot be fully enjoyed with an application programming interface that handles audio and visuals on your Windows 10 PC.

The games that require multimedia accelerators can use the DirectX software to fully use the built-in features of your computer. The DirectX download facilitates a seamless and excellent gaming experience that is no less to another.

The makers of DirectX 12 have heard all the inputs over the years and integrated the latest features into the latest update to provide an unmatched visual and audio handling tool like this one. With more strength and bigger flexibility band, the engineers can construct, run and make full use of better illustrations and audio output for an unparalleled experience.

Features and Highlights of DirectX 12

The latest download of DirectX 12 is loaded with features that will impress you beyond measure. Even the slightest of changes make for significant additions in the DirectX 12’s latest update. Read on to know more about the features of DirectX 12 that make it the master of audio-visual gaming enhancements.

Low-level equipment reflection

New download DirectX 12 gives a chance to the budding engineers to design games for their clients that are as close to perfection as it gets. The uncovering low level of equipment means that even the most talented new engineers can perfectly execute better codes in a short period. It also enables engineers to add high-level graphics and audios to Windows-based games for PC.

Ultimate Graphics Innovation

Direct X 1 came into existence because it enables game developers to create extra-ordinary, bold, immersive and advanced gaming solutions that not only amplify current gaming experience but raise the bar for upcoming tools too.

The DirectX systems have been continuously updated and upgraded for developers to use and create games with excellent visuals and enhanced features like DirectX Raytracing and Variable Rate Shading. New features like Mesh Shaders and Sampler Feedback also make it an amazing new tool for developers to have fun with.

CPU-GPU Divide dissolution

Most of you already know that the CPU of a computer is responsible for computation and processing of all the work that a computer is assigned to do. The CPU is capable of solving and following even the most difficult commands provided that is coded in the right manner.

However, when it comes to graphics computation like those input by the high-end games and artworks; then come to the GPU in action. The Graphics Processing Unit does all the rendering work simultaneously with the CPU.

Express Multi-adaptor

The DirectX 12 download is fully capable of bringing together numerous GPUs a.k.a. show connectors into one intelligent unit. This part of the arrangement if called Explicit Multi adaptor that powers on different GPUs to perform like a solitary GPU unit.

Loaning its preparing capabilities, the download Direct X 12 GPU can label group with your GPU. For unwavering quality and productivity in the multi-GPU SLI/CrossFire arrangements, you will need a more prominent backing of the API.

Draw Call Overhead Reduction

 Unlike Direct X 11, the download DirectX 12 works towards successfully running the GPU code instead of spending time on deciphering API guidelines. DirectX 12 works rigorously to control the API overhead and instead open up calculation assets to finally run the match-up code.

This ultimately means that the CPU-constraint games will be able to see more noteworthy execution only because the CPU’s power is elaborately opened up to work with the game code. Although there are hardly any games that constraint the CPU it is understandable that the latest version of graphics-lead games can be a bit taxing on the CPU’s powers.

How to install and download DirectX 12 for Windows?

Developed exclusively by Microsoft, the download DirectX 12 is the most advanced and best-in-class tool for the enhanced gaming experience. Although a free download, this is fantastic and quite functional for professional gamers and plain gaming addicts.

Download DirectX 12 is simply available for PC helping developers to unlock the true capabilities of video cards for amazing gaming quality. Not just picture quality enhancement but DirectX 12 also improves the video and audio of the games.

For your information, the updates for download DirectX 12 are only available through Windows Update. There is absolutely no singular package that supports the updated versions of DirectX. Talking about the DxDiag tool installed in your system – It reports detailed information about the download DirectX tool.

What’s new in download DirectX 12 Windows 10 (x64 bit)

The download DirectX 12 has come a long way from the DirectX 11. A few primary updates that also come with the latest version are listed below for your understanding.

  1. Fortunately, the CPU & GPU tasks are now dealt with separately. Both kinds of tasks are taken care of independently to be picked up while execution.
  2. You will now be served with better troubleshooting options of the two directions and data. This way it becomes much easier for the client to inform and for the agency to understand fix things swiftly.
  3. There is a solid backing available for 4K goals.
  4. There are better and improved enhancements for workstations now.
  5. The improvements in download DirectX 12 can be spotted from afar. DirectX 12 installer is something worth having on your computer if you are a games developer or a video game lover. 

How to download DirectX 12 ?

To transforming your gaming experience on Windows, you’ll have to begin with the download DirectX 12 on your PC. To commence your download, follow the below-listed steps.

  1. Start by opening your windows browser. Search for Microsoft website where you will find the download page for Microsoft DirectX 12.
  2. Start the download DirectX 12 by clicking on the red Download button to save the setup file on your computer.
  3. Right after the download finishes, you will see the dxwebsetup.exe file in your Downloads folder. Now, complete the download DirectX 12 installation by following the required steps.
  4. Restart your computer after the setup is complete.

Now, enter the new world of Windows with the DirectX 12 download fresh off the web on your system.

System Requirements

OS- Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10



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