Are you looking for Windows 2000 ISO for your PC? We are here with the complete steps that how you can download Windows 2000 ISO [Updated 2020].

Software Name:Windows 2000 ISO
Requirements:Windows XP or earlier
Author / Product:Microsoft Team
Version:Windows 2000

About Windows 2000 ISO

Windows 2000 is one of the most popular operating system developed by Microsoft, as a part of the Windows NT family. It was manufactured and revealed on 15th December 1999. And finally, after a gap of 2 months, it was put on sale worldwide on the remarkable date 17th February 2000.

Windows 2000 was one of the operating systems which were manufactured and am to replace another segment that is Windows NT 4.0

Different variants of Windows 2000 ISO

Therefore different variants of Windows 2000 popularly known as Windows 2000 Professional ISO (specially created for desk usage by professionals), Windows 2000 server edition, third Windows 2000 advanced server edition (designed for server applications) and last but not the least Windows 2000 data centre edition, which was aimed for managing various data centres.

Traditionally, it was inbuilt with more than 20 different languages user interface, and it had become one of the vital parts behind its such a massive expansion throughout the world.

Although there were four different variants was released, but few of the characteristics were common in all of them. It includes the introduction of Microsoft management console and regular utilities for the management of the system.

File systems in Windows 2000 ISO

Windows 2000 was welcomed with two different types of the file system to the Windows family, named as NTFS 3.0 and EFS.

“NTFS” stood for a new technology file system and was launched as file management purposed for storing and accessing the various file in the Windows NT segment of the operating system. And since Windows 2000 has its third-generation version, so it was called NTFS 3.0

EFS means Encrypting file system, which is a type of file system encryption launched by Microsoft. In this manner, it secures the file by transparently encrypting them to protect them from any malicious hacks.
Apart from the file system, Windows 2000 also supports disk storage capabilities.

Security of Windows 2000 ISO

According to Microsoft, Windows 2000 was considered as the most secure Windows operating system ever during the time of its release. However, due to some uneventful circumstances, it becomes one of the prominent assaults from virus and hacks. For instance, Nimda and Code Red were different types of attacks that mainly targeted Windows 2000 system, especially. Consequently, it keeps on checking various patches of security vulnerabilities.

Doubtlessly Windows 2000 is the last version of Microsoft Windows that shows “Windows NT” (NT stands for New Technology) and also it was the last version where both the work area and server working frameworks had a similar name. Although it was succeeded by the next-generation operating system that is Windows XP which was released on October 2001 and its server version was superseded by Windows Server 2003 operating system that was released on April 2003.

Features of Windows 2000 ISO

Introduction of active directory

One of the reasons behind the popularity of Windows 2000 was the introduction of active directory. It was introduced for the first time by windows in the Windows NT family. It includes user and user group permission along with the domain and namespace. It also helps the user to get access to all the features that are present inside the domain.

Virtual private network

Aka VPN, a name that flaunts everyone in today’s era. Well, it was Windows 2000 that provides the user with a VPN. The virtual private network allows a system to become a remote server and makes it easy for the users to access it. The software was also inbuilt with multi-monitor support but it with the limitation of 10 remote monitors with any resolution and depth as per requirement.

Distributed file system

It allows the users to access all the files and also can share them across any server throughout the world wide. It also helps to create a backup for the user too.

Supports DVD

As this software supports DVD, it can autoplay any of your videos, movies on your system.

Windows file protection

With the introduction of Windows file protection, It helps in the protection of myriads of files as it does not allows any other file which is not related to Windows. Additionally, with the help of System file security checker, it will enable the users to scan all the files that are in protected mode.

How to Download & Install Windows 2000 ISO

System Requirements

  • Operating System- Windows XP or earlier
  • Processor- Intel Pentium 4, 1.5 GHz processor 
  • Hard Disk Space- 650 MB
  • RAM- 64 MB +
  • Access to Internet



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