Are you looking for Windows 98 ISO for your PC? We are here with the complete steps that how you can download Windows 98 ISO [Updated 2020].

Software Name:Windows 98 ISO
Requirements:Pentium 233 MHz processor
Author / Product:Microsoft Team
Version:Windows 98

About Windows 98 ISO

Windows 98 was released in 1998 by Microsoft and was a GUI based operating system. It was released as one of the segments of the 9X series of the Windows operating system which comprises its precursor Windows 95. It was released in both 32 and 64-bit variants and was based on the Disk Operating System.
It was released on 15th may 1998 but made for sale in the public domain on 25th June 1998. Soon after the launch of Windows 98 there comes another version Windows 98 SE (SE stand for the second edition) and was released on 5th May 1998.

Features and highlights of Windows 98 ISO


Three things need to be noticed in Windows 98’s WebView- first single-click navigation, second it provides a way to customise and view the appearance of the folders and third one that they had added a 5th icon view to the original four views which were large icons, small icons, list and details.

Start menu and taskbar

One of the cool and smart innovations from Microsoft is Windows 98, and Internet Explorer 4.0 get a better look!
Users found various new web-savvy features very helpful. Yes with Windows 98, the favourite folder was located on the start menu. And even under the find folder, a “Find… On the internet” can take you to Microsoft’s search website.

Fulfilling the craving of Windows 95 users, they got the option to drag and drop documents, applications and folders shortcuts directly onto their taskbar.

Multimedia support

The whole team looked very cautiously to the suggestions for the multimedia system. To speed multimedia tasks, Multimedia Extensions (MMX) which is a set of 57 new instructions by Intel that had been added to certain x86 processors.

With the help of each instruction, there is markedly increased speed up processing to accomplish a given task. MMX enhanced processors comprises of Intel’s P55C Pentium and Pentium II, AMD’s K6 and Cyrix 6x86MX.

Windows 98 was the first operating system that supports Multimedia extensions, which aimed for improving performance for image processing, audio, video etc.

Scripting and animations

Windows Scripting Host, the successor to the noble DOS batch file format. Actually, WSH was a standard feature of all versions of the Windows 98 operating system, and it incorporates both JavaScript and VB script engines that first appeared in MS Internet Explorer and Internet Information Server (IIS). Thus it enables batch files to be written in either language.

The best part of WSH is that it supports all the standard features of both languages, i.e. JavaScript and VB script, comprising subroutines and functions, variables and arrays, other flow control statement and many more.

Not only this, but Microsoft also provides complete versions of Microsoft scripting host. First one is CSCRIPT.EXE which is a command-line utility that can run in a DOS box under Memphis or Windows NT 5.0 and the second one is WSCRIPT.EXE which is a standard 32-bit window have the option to choose either of them as your default is scripting host.


Microsoft discovered a very innovative way to make Windows 98 run faster as well as a smoother. It starts with the Disk Defragmenter Optimization Wizard, that tracks the most ran programs, then it clusters those programs on the fastest part of the hard disk.

To use it, you need to close down all the applications and launch the wizard. It allows you to choose programs that you run frequently, launches them and takes note which files are accessed from which part of the hard disk.

One of the eye-catching points of Windows 98’s performance was “WinAlign”. As the name suggests, it’s a utility that aligns the contents of program files. So, they can load faster (more than 20% faster), and with such speeder access to your applications and data they use, you can easily trim unproductive wait times. Now, the Aligned programs would start faster as Windows 98 runs the code directly from the Disk cache pages, where they were loaded.

File system

File Allocation Utility (FAT 32), was introduced with the Windows 98 operating system. With the help of FAT32, it frees up hard disk space by allocating the space much more efficiently than its previous versions. Consequently, with this Innovative feature, you can get an average of 28 per cent more disk space without buying any new hardware. Isn’t it amazing?

How to Download & Install Windows 98 ISO

System Requirements

  • Processor- 486DX/66 MHz
  • RAM- Minimum 64 MB
  • Disk Space- 200 MB
  • Sound Card
  • CD ROM or DVD ROM drive (if installing from CD or DVD)
  • Video Adapter and monitor with Super VGA of resolution 800 X 600



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